Picnicker’s paradise

Review by:ArindamBanerjee | Platform: Tripadvisor

This place is teeming with picnickers on a weekend, especially in the cooler months. I went there by my own car from Bishnupur town,for a quick tour of the place.

Roads are pretty decent and I was dependent on GPS,which actually didn’t disappoint. I asked for directions at few crossings as well.

The place is too crowded,especially for picnickers and parking is a big job there.The toilet is so overcrowded that female members in my family could not go in at all,and later had to use the washroom of a local petrol pump. Entire place is throbbing with rampant usage of loudspeakers and honks of so many vehicles.

The dam itself is nice to see but much smaller in size as well as grandeur to Maithon or Panchet dam. It is earthen dam and situated over Kangsabati River.

Nothing much to see though apart from the dam and the artificial lake created by the dam. Half n hour is more than enough to spend at the place.

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