A wonderful retreat called Mukutmanipur

mukutmanipur hotel amrapali

Review Submitted By – Ankur Chakraborty

We boarded the Rupasi Bangla express to reach Bankura(d nearest station to reach Mukutmanipur),where our first impression was pretty satisfactory,since our car had already reached d station and we found our chauffeur waiting for us right on time. One can reach a trance-like state while going on a 52km drive from d station to Hotel Amrapali through perhaps the smoothest road in Bengal. The hour long journey seemed to have ended pretty soon and smoothly. As we got d keys to our rooms,we found it to be quite cosy and tranquil. Our impression grew even better with the light but sumptuous lunch(and dinner later on)at d canteen/reception. A wonderful journey along the 8km long road on the Earthen dam took us to Pareshnath and Musafirana Park.though, sadly, we missed out on a trip to the deer park since darkness had begun to descend.the night passed peacefully. The next morning we bade goodbye to the serene township and moved on to see the historical Bishnupur and the grand canyon of Bengal, Gangani. The car had arrived(again,ahead of time) and we set out. History beckoned us at every corner of Bishnupur and we got lost(literally) in the canyons for about an hour,before reaching Garhbeta just in d Nick of time to conclude our journey. I’ll suggest every kith and kin to go once at least to Mukutmanipur, so that they could find a new meaning of peace. And feast ur eyes on the beautiful terracotta figurines,the identity of Bankura in d process.

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