How to reach Mukutmanipur

Best Time to Visit Mukutmanipur

You can visit Mukutmanipur during anytime of a year. During the monsoon (July and August-September) the lock gates of the dam generally remain open.The Winter season is best to plan a picnic in Mukutmanipur. At that time the weather is very cool and a light fog stays behind the dam. The sunrise and sunset at Mukutmanipur gives extraordinary beauty of this place.Let's see how to reach Mukutmanipur Dam.

If you thinking how to reach mukutmanipur here it is. If you travel in flight then Kolkata Airport (Dumdum) is the nearest airport . Then You have to take bus or hire a taxi to reach Howrah Railway Station.From there you will find trains are available to the nearest Railhead Bankura Station.From Bankura lots of Public Buses are available for Mukutmanipur via Khatra.Take a toto or bus to reach Bankura Bus Stand. Then you will find buses to go to Mukutmanipur. Available trains and Buses listed Below.

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Trains available from Kolkata to Bankura


Trains available from Bankura to Kolkata


--  Bus available between Kolkata-Mukutmanipur --


From Khatra to KolkataFrom Kolkata to Khatra
Time5.00 a.m.Time3.25 p.m.
Time8.30 p.m.Time8.55 p.m.
Time8.45 p.m.Time9.50 p.m.
Time9.10 p.m.Time10.10 p.m.
Time9.45 p.m.Time10.45 p.m.
--  Kolkata to Bankura  --
KarunamoyeeBankura 5:40 a.m.
KarunamoyeeBankura 6:40 a.m.
KarunamoyeeBankura 7:20 a.m.
KarunamoyeeBankura 12:00 p.m.
KarunamoyeeBankura 2:30 p.m.
EsplanadeBankura 2:30 p.m.
EsplanadeBankura 3:30 p.m.
--  Bus available between Bankura-Mukutmanipur --
সৌমেন4:40 AM 
সুপার8:20 AM 
প্রনবম8:55 AM 
মা তুলসী9:25 AM 
রাখাল রাজা10:00 AM 
সৌমেন12:00 PM 
মা তুলসী2:45 PM 
পুতুল3:05 PM 
রাজ3:30 PM 
মা তুলসী4:10 PM 
বিবেক4:50 PM 

Train Timetable Source: National Train Enquiry System | Bus Timetable Source: Bankura Bus Owner's Association &

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Get Around Mukutmanipur and Local Sightseeing

You can board a small boat and enjoy the serene ocean-like beauty in the middle of the water body formed by the union of Kangsabati and Kumari River. There are some tiny rocky islands in the water which gets submerged in the rainy seasons. You can hire a motorboat and a van rickshaw to visit the Bonpukuria Deer Park nearby which is often flanked by varieties of seasonal and migratory birds. The entire length of the dam is 11 kms. You can hire a trekker or auto rickshaw to travel over the dam top road for 6 kms to visit the confluence of River Kumari and Kangsabati. This earthen dam was built with the sole purpose of providing irrigation facilities to agricultural land. The dam measures 38 meters in height with a lake spanning 86 Sq km. Thick virgin forest and verdant hillocks flanking the azure lake create a breathtaking view at the site. Owing to its splendid spectacle, the area has developed into an attractive weekend spot. This colossal dam nestles 2 km away from the Reserve Forest.

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