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Spend a weekend in the lap of Nature apart from the busy schedule and the restless beeps of Mobile. In Mukutmanipur, vast bluish tract of water surrounded by the green forests and the hillocks comprise a picturesque and you cannot resist but continue clicking tireless so long your gadget gives you warning of shrinking storage. A long silence followed by a romantic evening walk with dim lights and tranquil breeze with your Loved One’s.

Mukutmanipur Tourism provides the most competitive rates to its visitors. Mukutmanipur has economy and budget hotels, as well as standard rooms and luxurious cottages for visitors and guests.


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Hotels & Resorts at MUKUTMANIPUR

The following is a list of all the Safe & Secure hotels in Mukutmanipur. Book your accommodations ahead of time to avoid bother and to enjoy the tranquil beauty.

Mili Resorts

2.8 KM from Dam

Peerless Resort

2.5 KM From Dam

Sonajhuri Resort

0.3 KM from away

Hotel Green Park

1.5 KM From Dam

Hotel Pink Rose Hotels in Mukutmanipur

Hotel Pink Rose

1.5 KM From Dam

Hotel Aparajita

2 KM From Dam

MMP Youth Hostel

25 KM From away

Hotel Amrapali

300 mtr. From Dam

Hotel Malancha

500 mtr. From Dam

Ahla Lodge

300 mtr. From Dam

MMP Guest House

100 mtr From Dam


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